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Larry Shi     Assistant Professor

    Computer Science Department
    University of Houston
    501 Philip G. Hoffman Hall
    Houston, TX 77204-3010

    Office: Phillip G. Hoffman Hall (PGH) 567
    Tel:     713 743 3045
    Fax:    713 743 3335
    Email:  larryshi (at) cs.uh.edu
Weidong Shi (Larry) received his Ph.D. of Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology where he did research in computer architecture and computer systems. Mr. Shi was previously a senior research staff engineer at Motorola Research Lab, Nokia Research Center, and co-founder of a technology startup. Currently, he is employed as an assistant professor by University of Houston. In the past, he contributed to design of multiple Nvidia platform products and was credited to published Electronic Art console game. In addition, he authored and co-authored over publications covering research problems in computer architecture, computer systems, multimedia/graphics systems, mobile computing, and computer security. He has multiple issued and pending USPTO patents.



Workshop Chairing

  • MobiCloud’10. Workshop on Mobile Computing and Clouds. In Conjunction with MobiCASE, Santa Clara, CA, 2010.
  • MASVDC’10. Workshop on Mirco Architectural Support for Virtualization, Data Center Computing, and Clouds. In Conjunction with MICRO, Atlanta, GA, 2010.
  • MobiSense’11. Workshop on Emerging Mobile Sensing Technology. In Conjunction with Pervasive, CA, 2011.

Places Worked for in the Past

Electronic Arts

Things I do

  • Research and innovations
  • Working with students
  • Crazy hacks
  • Startups



Some Great People I am Collaborating with in Research

Security and Privacy

Systems and Architecture

Human Centered Computing

Mobile Computing

Great People Who Guided My Research in the Past

Great People Who Directly or Indirectly Managed My Work

Many Great People I Worked and Did Business Together